5 Things We Forget to Clean in Our Houses

Everyone likes living in a clean and well-organized environment. Cleaning our house not only makes the interior look better, but also improves our well-being, both physically and mentally. However, there are some areas/objects of the house that we seem to forget about. Why? Because they require more effort and we don’t realize how dirty they are.

Here are five of them. When was the last time you cleaned them?


  • Toothbrush Holder

Everybody understands how important it is to clean our teeth and mouth to remove all bacteria and germs that impact our health. But do people clean the toothbrush holder with the same thoroughness as their teeth? Probably not. That is why we want to remind you to clean your toothbrush holder which is not hard at all. All you have to do is to rinse the cup and then clean it with a dishwashing detergent. The same thing can be applied to a soap plate if you have it.


  • Remotes & Keyboards

Research done in 2014 by hygiene specialists has shown that keyboard and TV  remote collect more bacteria than toilet seats. We always clean our hands after going to the washroom, however, we do not even think about doing the same thing after using the keyboard or remote controller. This is why we are reminding you how important it is to clean these objects.



  • Shower Head

Shower heads get covered by mold very quickly and people often do not even notice this issue and ignore it. But if you do not want to wash your body and hair under the thing that is covered in mold and harmful bacteria, then it is obligatory to clean the shower head thoroughly at least once a month.




  • Trash Cans

Trash cans should be washed and sanitized regularly in order to prevent the spreading of bacteria and bad smell. However, people often ignore this thinking that a trash can is supposed to always be dirty just because we store it with dirty stuff.




  • Walls & Skirting Boards

We always try to clean our floors because they become dirty and dusty very often; however, the same process should be done on our walls and skirting boards, too. Once you turn on the lights, open the curtains and look at the walls, you will be shocked at how much dust can be found on the walls and on the ledges of skirting boards. We advise you to clean them regularly.


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