Five Expert Cleaning Tips for Your Vacation Rental

Cleaning is one of those regular and unwanted chores that most of us always run from. It is time-consuming and somewhat nasty dealing with accumulated dirt. It becomes a bigger deal when it is a vacation rental where different guests are staying every night. You need to keep the property regularly updated so when your next vacationers come, they get to see squeaky clean premises.

Cleanliness is, indeed, the most important aspect that your customers look up to. There are 100% possibilities of losing out on them and your reputation if the lodging seems unclean. So, despite all the hassle involved, cleaning is something you cannot think to skip on. Whether you hire professional cleaners or do the job yourself, you have to give your vacation rental the amount of attention it needs.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your premises is fresh and welcoming for the guests –

  1. Stick to Your Daily Cleaning Schedule

It is important to arrange for a thorough cleaning every time a guest leaves your vacation rental. You better have a checklist created beforehand and refer to it instead of wasting time thinking about what needs to be done next.

Once done, you can spot check and see whether everything is back to its place again. Indulging in this process has to be on a consistent basis but shouldn’t be an issue if you live near to the property.

  1. Carry Out Deep Cleaning

Cleaning a vacation rental is indeed a tedious task. And people start finding it way more troublesome once they start with this job. You can never know what mess lies inside the microwave or kitchen cabinets unless you get into in-depth cleaning.

Interestingly, there are more nooks and corners that you may not even see but have dirt lurking. So, make sure you handle that on a weekly or fortnightly basis for germ-free and healthy vacation rental.

  1. Keep it Odor-Free and Ventilated

The biggest concern with vacation property owners is how to keep the houses smelling fresh and clean. HVAC systems and windows would do the trick here. A well-maintained chimney set up in the kitchen would also be helpful.

Other than that, sprinkling some baking soda on the furniture and carpets, allowing it to sit for a couple of minutes, and then vacuuming can work too. It will instantly soak up the strange smell from the surfaces.

  1. Check and Dispose of the Trash

A major factor that would contribute to a healthy and odor-free home is tackling the trash left behind by your previous customers sensibly. Any food leftovers in the microwave, half-empty cooking essential bottles in the kitchen, or packets of open ketchup packets in the dustbin have to be checked and disposed of right away.

By doing this, you will ensure that your refrigerator, cupboards, and bathroom vanities are ready to use for the next guest.

  1. Hire a Professional

The kind of cleaning you carry out can decide the quality of your vacation rental, which can further impact its standard in the market. Sanitization and disinfection are of great importance for all and only by maintaining proper cleanliness you can create a memorable experience for anyone who visits the property. Fortunately, there is no need for you to drain yourself in the process.

You can hire a professional rental cleaning service to do it for you and the clientele. The team would make the bed, wash the dishes, sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, clean the toilets, and even check for any damages.