Follow these Tips for Post-Party Cleaning

Holding that family Christmas dinner or a new years’ eve party for all your friends is something we all look forward to, especially if you just moved into your new home. While holding an event in your home sounds exciting and fun, many tasks pile up at every stage.

You would need to plan everything, look out and entertain guests during the guests, and tidy everything up after the party. You cannot just expect that your attendees would leave everything where they picked it up and help out with the dishes. Even the best and tidiest people, be it your co-workers or your family, will make a mess out of your home. You don’t want to be left with a pile of paper dishes or all of your belongings lost in different rooms.

If you plan a significant event in your home, like hosting your wedding reception in the backyard, you need to plan everything to avoid all the hassle afterward. You cannot expect your caterers or decorators to clean up later because it isn’t a part of their job. You would need to hire a separate professional cleaning service to handle all the cleaning to enjoy the event yourself and escape all the worrying. Apart from this, here are some tips you should follow for handling all the post-event cleaning:

Using rented utensils
Using rented utensils and things like tablecloths, glasses, or linen would quickly help you clean up the mess. You wouldn’t have a pile of dishes waiting for you in the kitchen or the dirty tablecloths all-around your house. Also, covering your sofas or seats with linen would help avoid cleaning any spillage.

Rent out these things beforehand to avoid worrying later.

Encourage the guests
It would be best to encourage the guests to pitch in the cleaning by some small actions during the party. Asking them to throw out the paper dishes in the dustbin or try not to spill anything on the floor would cut out your cleaning tasks afterward and help save time.

Dividing up the tasks
Dividing the tasks among your family members would help avoid putting everything on one person. Dividing the cleaning according to rooms, such as cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen first or clearing the floors at the end, would help you to divide and conquer.

Appointing an event cleaner
Designating all the after-event cleaning to a professional cleaner would take off all the stress from your mind. Many reputed cleaning services offer after-event cleaning services specially designed to deliver you a spotless home after a big event.

Check out the pricing of the services and your budget considerations to plan out everything in advance.

Planning the layout of waste removals
Keeping dustbins in every nook and corner during a home party would encourage guests to throw the garbage in the dustbins rather than just on the floor. Plan the layout of your waste removal like dustbins, garbage disposal utensils to help save time.

Also, keeping all your cleaning agents like mops, clothes, floor cleaners, etc., in one place would help you save time in looking for them afterward.


Follow these tips to help save time, money, and stress for your after-event cleaning!