Four Wise Tips to Keep Your House Healthy and Clean

We spend more than half of our lives inside the homes, so there is no second thought to the relation between our home’s health and our physical well being. A home that is well-cleaned and maintained tends to keep the bacteria away and reduce the number of hazards happening with your kids. You get to experience less allergic reactions and your house can smell ever-fresh.

Fortunately, making your home healthy and clean doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to make a few changes in your habits and probably get professional cleaning experts on board to handle the cleaning jobs for you. Don’t worry; hiring them is not going to cost you a fortune. Affordable rental cleaning services like ours will deliver you detailed cleaning with affordable rates, adaptable schedules, experienced staff and quality work.

However, to manage the house cleaning until our next appointment with you, here is what you can do –

  1. Control the Dust

Accumulation of dust on your furniture and carpet can quickly turn into an allergy trigger for you, kids, and your furry friends (pets). You may not even know what pollutants and chemicals are in it. So, you better not take it lightly. Vacuum regularly and keep your windows closed when it is the time for peak traffic outside. Also, try to opt for other types of flooring, but not carpet. And if you do wish the carpets, clean them more frequently by moving the furniture.

  1. Test the Air Quality

Asbestos, lead, and chemical loaded paints are serious hazards that one must not ignore. These can poison the air inside your home and can sometimes damage the brain. So, even if you are under your financial limits, you need to make sensible decisions with your money. You cannot just make these a part of your home because they are cheap – the health effects will soon cost you more than you imagine. In case, yours is an old building, it is best to let your local health department look into it and suggest the solutions.

  1. Don’t Use Pesticides and Chemical Cleaners

Over-the-counter pesticides you use for killing rats, cockroaches, and ants and strong solutions you use for cleaning can do you more harm than good. Firstly, they don’t cost anywhere less than organic cleaners and secondly, their constant exposure can lead to a range of health problems such as asthma, skin rashes, and neurological disorders. So, pick natural cleaners or create on your own. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon together make a great one.

  1. Keep the Mold At Bay

Dark and damp areas of your house are highly prone to mold growth. The homes that have got poor insulation and ventilation or receive heavy rainfall experiences it the most. A water pipe damage or leak can also add to the trouble. The smartest way to handle such a situation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Install exhaust fans in humid areas and fix the leaks immediately.