Tips to Clean the New Home before you Move in

It is a significant step in life to buy and move to a new home. It helps mark a new beginning and life in your new house. You must have spent hours just to select the new property and imagined a hundred ways how you’d make it a home. It might not be one of the luxury properties, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make it a cozy one. There are several ways to give it that new charm and look. But it all begins with cleaning it.

The previous owners may have left many things inside. They might be total junk or some useful ones too. Either way, you need to sort through everything before you start the remodel. It will help have a clean slate. Also, with a clean home, you can set your furniture and other things easily. You can also plan the changes you want in the rooms and see how they will look after them. In all cases, you need to clean the house before moving in. You can easily hire a reputed rental cleaning service or do things yourself.

Let us see a few pointers on how to do a moving-in cleaning:

Start with sorting out the things left behind.

There are often many things in the basement or the entire house left behind. You need first to sort through and divide them. Keep the ones that might be useful for you and discard the junk ones. It is better than throwing out everything as you can find some useful things too.

You can use boxes to sort the things out and donate the ones you don’t want.

You need to deep clean.

The house might be sitting there for a long time. The dust and other particles require deep cleaning to ensure a clean home. You need to devote at least an entire day and get some help to clean the house. Use brushes, brooms, and all the necessary cleaning equipment. It will help you clean the house easily and move in faster.

You can opt for professional services too and relax if you do not wish to do it yourself.

Clean the bathroom diligently

The bathroom is the hub of germs. You need to clean it efficiently to ensure your family’s good hygiene. If you don’t want to replace the toilet seats and other equipment, invest some time to clean them. Use disinfectants for cleaning the entire equipment. DO not leave any spots. It will only trouble you later if you find dirt or any other thing.

Clean the shower area and the floors using the right materials too.

Clean the kitchen equipment

The kitchen stove, oven, and other things might be dirty or with grease. You should clean them before moving into the new house. That way, you won’t even feel that it is old equipment. Use gloves and disinfectants to clean the stove. Also, if the fridge is still there, clean it by taking out all the shelves. It will help get rid of any germs or mold inside the refrigerator.

Do not forget the cabinets and drawers.

You need to clear out and wash the drawers and cabinets too. It will help store your things easily and safely. The cabinets in the kitchen or the storage area in bedrooms all require proper cleaning before you move in. Do not leave them out for when you move in because they take up a lot of time. Do it before you actually shift your things to the house. It will help save time and organize your items quickly.

Hire a professional service

If your budget allows, hire an expert. All this cleaning can take up a lot of time and effort. You should do it only if your routine allows you. A full-time professional can hardly devote so much time to this. You will need to take up a few holidays just to clean the house. After that, the organizing and setting up will require more time.

Many companies provide special moving in cleaning service. You can hire them instead of doing it yourself. It will ensure a professional job within a short time too. The team will help you with the move and deliver you a safe, clean, and fresh home.

Contact a cleaning service now to get started!